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    The SOL Trader provides a full suite of advanced orders that can be used to execute and preserve your trading strategy.
    Select from the following list:

    • Brackets
    • Trailing Stops
    • OCOs
    • MOO and MOC for both pit and electronic
    • Iceberg
    • Time conditioned orders
    • Park orders
    • Upload basket orders

    Park Orders
    Enter Orders 24 hours a day even for pit markets. These orders will be held server side until they are released at market open.
    Enter as many orders as you like, park the orders, un-park and release the orders when you want them to begin working. Enter buy AND sell orders in anticipation of news or events and release the appropriate set based on resulting market reaction to the news.

    advanced orders

    Upload Basket Orders
    Upload multiple order details across any contracts from Excel in one bulk load right into the SOL Trader for easy order generation and execution.

    CTAs and professional traders who generate large baskets of system orders now have a way to easily and efficiently manage this order flow and ensure the accuracy of large batches.

    You will have 30 Days to have fun with SOL TRADER. There is a 1.00 non refundable charge for Authentication. After your Authentication you will be contacted by phone from one of our representatives the very next business day. In this call you will be provided with your free download for the SOL TRADER Software, with easy to use Video Instructions. We will also provide you with a Broker who will help you open your own self directed  account so you can use your SOL TRADER Software! It’s Easy! TRULY 30 Days Free with everything provided and done for you! We know you will love it! If you do and you wish to continue, Do Nothing, and you will be charged only 79.99 a month for continued access to SOL TRADER! It is that Simple!  TRY YOUR SOL TRADER “NOW” and Enjoy! 

      For more information Call 866 750 9030 or 208 214 7147 or fill out this form!

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