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    The phrase “Managed Futures” describes an industry made up of professional futures brokers or, to be more precise, skilled money managers known as commodity trading advisors (“CTA”). A CTA, in return for management and incentive fees, manages client assets seeking capital appreciation, using global futures markets as an investment medium. These professional futures brokers are (1.) required to be registered with a U.S government agency, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”), (2.) qualify to become members of the National Futures Association (“NFA”), and (3.) provide a current disclosure document for each prospective investor.

    The advantages of managed futures within a well-balanced portfolio are:

    1. The opportunity for reduced portfolio volatility risk. One of the primary benefits of adding a non-correlated overlooked futures component to a diversified investment portfolio may decrease overall portfolio risk.
    2. The potential to enhance portfolio returns. While managed futures can decrease overall portfolio risk, they can also simultaneously improve overall portfolio performance.
    3. The ability to profit in any economic environment. Managed futures trading advisors trade both up-trending as well as down-trending markets.
    4. Global diversification. Diversified trading advisors have over 150 different worldwide markets to use in their programs.

    Platinum Trading Solutions, Inc., is a “Client Focused Based Firm” registered as a “Commodity Trading Adviser” (CTA), with the CFTC in the education and provision of Automated Trading Systems (ATS). Launched in February of 2006, Platinum Trading Solutions has become the Leader and longest standing Firm in the Industry that specializes as the educator and system provider of Automated Trading Systems (ATS), also known as or  called, Automated/Automatic Trading Software, and Algorithmic Trading Systems/Software, for the common and accredited Investor. Due to the lack of guidance in the world in how to deal with Automatic Trading Systems/Software (ATS), there has been a call and demand for guidance and education on how to trade Automatic Trading Systems (ATS), as well as how to diversify and migrate from system to system.

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