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    Great company to use to grow an account! Very knowledgeable and diversified with many great systems. What sets this company apart is the micromanaging of the trading systems so the drawdowns stay at a minimum. Dino Demas does a great job of keeping an eye on the account and making sure you’re diversified and in the right system in the right time. I would recommend this company if you’re interested in algo trading.

    Timothy C

    Peabody, MA

    May 2, 2024

    During my almost 3 years in being a client with Platinum Trading Solutions I have gotten my return on investment and profitable! The overall communication and attention to detail that Dino provides is very reassuring as I have had little prior experience in futures trading.  Having my account diversified in the right 5-7 trading systems has helped mitigate risk in the market and is working well.  My ultimate goal is to build this account into a revenue generating stream that I can use during my retirement years.  I am very happy with my results and know that I would not be able to realize my current success or achieve my future goals without Platinum Trading Solutions and Dino’s help and expertise.

    Justin Marquis

    Kingsburg CA

    January 7, 2023

    You hear it is good to diversify and that you should include futures and commodities in a well-balanced, diversified portfolio.  To that end, I tried a futures trading system ten years ago.  It was far from a success.  I closed the account and swore off futures and commodities forever.

    A couple of years ago, Dino of Platinum Trading Solutions contacted me to explain and offer their program to me.  He told me they were running a summer special, which would be an excellent time to get in.  Dino explained the Platinum Trading Solutions Systems approach to futures trading.  He had his customers in multiple systems (usually 5 to 7) with low correlation between systems.  The Platinum Trading Solutions Systems approach would minimize risk while providing good returns.  Call me skeptical (or stupid).  I passed on this chance.

    About a year ago, Dino contacted me again to tell me a couple of things.  That Platinum Trading Solutions was running another summer special and what returns I had missed by passing on the opportunity to sign up last year.

    This time I took advantage of the opportunity and signed up.  Since signing up with Platinum Trading Solutions, their program has performed in both up and down markets.

    I am happy with my results and glad I signed up.  I just wish I had done it a year earlier.

    John H.

    Arlington, TX

    August 31, 2022


    “I tried trading future systems previously by myself and it did not go so well. I wanted to try again to diversify my investments. I found Dino from Platinum Trading Solutions with an internet search. I explained to Dino what I was looking for. He told me that it is extremely important to be trading 5 to 7 systems. I did not want to invest that amount of money to start especially given the results of my first try. Dino suggested to start with 2 systems and trade micro contracts. I did not even know micro contracts existed. I got started with 2 systems that he suggested. After some months, I had enough earnings to start another system. We did this again, and I am now trading 5 systems. I have been trading with Dino for almost a year now. I have to admit that things are going better than I was expecting. Even though I do not have a large account, Dino is watching, guiding and communicating with me about my account and trading.”

    Dave Nelson

    Duvall, Washington 

    January 13, 2022

    Excellent client service and care. I have been with Platinum Trading Solutions for over ten years and would recommend them to anyone seeking strong returns in an alternative, diversified investment.

    Brian Hutchinson

    Spring Grove, IL

    January 12, 2022

    The pandemic certainly has impacted a lot of people.  For me, in only created opportunity.  My profession as a front line worker in a time of demand has allowed be to make a lot of money.

    I always wanted to invest in the futures market and was always savvy about automated trading.  For years and years I tried backtesting strategies and even trading live, but found its really hard.

    One of the golden rules of investing is that you get the proper help.  Platinum trading solutions has the knowledge, the experience, and the registration as being a CTA.  Platinum trading solutions has given me this opportunity and I am thrilled at the performance of these systems, never before have I recorded such gains and I hope that the performance continues.

    If you have the money, are willing to take the risk, and are willing to take a chance, and have a long term time horizon, then Platinum Trading Solutions is for you.

    Russell Brown

    Toronto Ontario

    July 8, 2021

    Very optimistic and on the right path

    I have many years of trading experience on my own and with automation in futures, stocks and forex with varied results. I am now a new client of Platinum and I am already very impressed with the excellent support and guidance that they provide.  Although I am only a month or so into this new venture, I am very confident, based on my current results and past reported results from these systems, that I am on the right path and have made an excellent choice in my investment in Platinum systems and service. Platinum appears to really care about it’s clients and their financial success. .I am looking forward to a very rewarding and lasting relationship for many years to come.

    Joseph H.

    Rosemount, MN

    May 11, 2021

    I had tried so many ways to make my money work for me but give up frustrated. I was not even going to try Platinum when Dino called but he had such strong passion and solid faith in the returns I could get that I said yes. Dino guided me to get started but then didn’t quit like others. He is always monitoring the systems to keep my account working hard for me. Thank You Platinum Trading Solutions and Dino.

    Irene Hortness
    SK, Canada
    June 25 2020

    I’m coming up on my 2 yr anniversary as an owner of Platinum software. The quality of the software and continued support is unsurpassed. I am an auto strategy future day trader and was very skeptical about the software at first, but now I am glad that I took that risk to purchase the software from Platinum Trading Solutions . It doesn’t matter which way the market go, this software will make you money for years to come when every thing else in the market collapse . If you need to know more about my experience with this software email platinum and I will be happy to speak to you!
    Mr. H Ngo
    Clarksburg, MD

    A lot of so called “Trading Gurus” claim they can teach anyone to trade profitably on a consistent basis. To the extent that any such claims of their training ability might be true; actual success by a trader requires lots of work and lots of discipline.

    My opinion is that most individual traders will be much more profitable using an automatic trading system which has no emotional hangups and works 24/7 picking and executing trades. A relatively inexperienced person can lose a lot of money relying on their personal ability to analyze either subjective chart patterns or fundamentals. Getting desired executions is also a problem.

    I would recommend making purchase decisions on trading systems based on actual documented profits for the systems over at least one year rather than on claimed trade calls by a “Trading Guru”. Such claims by the “Guru” often omit their bad calls and ignore executions. I found the representatives at Platinum Trading Solutions (PTS) very knowledge and customer friendly. Pegas 1, the system I purchased from them had a number of individual losing trades but produced net profits every single month.

    I would recommend PTS and think the vast majority of traders will fare better utilizing one of their automatic trading systems as opposed to making their own trading decisions.


    J. Lord
    Dandridge, TN
    April, 2018

    Dino Demas,

    When Futures & Options were getting a lot of attention for the Stock Market, I thought that would be a good time to learn about Futures & Options to be beneficial for my account. When I looked at the Platinum Trading Solutions website to learn more on Futures & Options, I thought it was a new experience that would be good for my investments, but would take many hours at the computer to trade Futures & Options on my own.

    But when I talked with Dino Demas at Platinum Trading Solutions and learned that they had automated trading systems like; Gemini VF1, MeanSwing II EMD, and Axiom NQ, and many others that did the research and executed trades automatically on its own, right out of your brokerage account, I became a client, and that has worked well for me and with well over 20% NET profit so far!

    I would recommend that anyone who invests to become a client and trade Platinum Trading Solutions automated trading systems. Great Company, Great Customer Service, Great place to be!

    L. McCargo
    Elk Grove, CA
    May, 2016

    “I opened a Commodity Spread Account using the Platinum Trading Solutions program in October 2007 to diversify away from my equity-based portfolio. To date my account has increased by over 2 1/2 times during a time when both equities and commodities have suffered staggering losses. This has occurred even with a relatively conservative trading approach, which never risks more than a moderate proportion of the account value. To further diversify my risks, I recently added two ETF based trading systems, which had apparently performed well in the past. These also show signs of growing satisfactorily. One must be prepared to accept relatively large daily swings in account values. However as such systems are largely independent of gains or losses in the underlying commodities or equities, they should be able to prosper regardless of general market trends.”

    Ottawa Canada

    ” GREEN HORN–Fear
    Frist, I must thank Dino and the rest of the crew at Platinum Trading Solutions, Inc.(PTS). You told me that I would let “fear” get to my investment mindset. That it would take time, about a year to see the systems start to produce sizeable gains. But having investing on my own for about 10 years, I thought that I was passed the “green-horn fear” (GHF) stage. BUT, I Surely Was Not!!! And was about to make that “green-horn” mistake after about 5 months; I was ready to “pull the plug” when the guidance factor from PTS came to my rescue. Dino, just asked me if I had committed to a year at the start, I remembered my word is as good as a handshake, and stayed the course. AND, am I glad I did give the systems time to work. The returns on the investments(ROI) has become outstanding. I have a few friends that were very concerned, as was I,that it was a lot of money up front, with not much to “hold on too.” Having just retired, they thought that I was “nuts.” But I will be only too glad to show them ROI now, and see what they think! I would like to stress that you just need to get over the GHF stage and accept the guidance of PTS Specialists (Dino, & Dan. Time to build, both faith in the systems and the assistance when you most need it….Thank you both so very much, you started me with ABOUT $30k in Sept 2013, and my last report was almost $78k 28 May 2014….Thank you for your great guidance and friendship…”

    Thomas H.
    Shalimar, FL
    May 29, 2014

    I joined with Platinum Trading Solutions late last year and I find they are well with it for successful investing. I made profit’s that take care of expenses and some left over to be on a winning basis, and look forward for more returns. It’s a Great Organization!”

    Charles N.
    Nunster, IN

    “I have traded commodities on and off for several years. I would make decent gains only to lose them with the next trade. I realized I needed to find a system that took my personal choices out of the equation. After researching many systems and talking to several brokers I settled on using Platinum Trading Solution’s Saturn ES trading system on September 2012, for a couple of reasons. First, it has a good track record and they are partnered with brokers who truly understand how to trade it. Second, I am not a wealthy man and the decisions I make with my investment capital are weighed very carefully. This system requires a relatively small initial investment, and historically has had very small drawdowns.
    I could not be happier with my choice to go with Platinum Trading Solutions. My account is up over 100% in the last 6 months, which is nothing short of phenomenal! I would like to thank Dino for his help and guidance in getting me into a system that fit my needs. I look forward to the opportunity to diversify my account with other Platinum systems in the future.
    Yours in good trading”

    Mitch H.
    Russell, KS
    March 18, 2013

    After trying with the minimum few months I sent some more money to my account. My account made the rest. Everybody lost money 2008. Not me!! Thanks to Platinum’s Trading and their systems.

    Mr. Parisini
    Vienna, Austria

    “I have invested in several trading systems before Platinum Trading Solutions systems. I started trading the Platinum Trading systems in March of 08. First the PCSP then the Gemini, then the Bravo ER2. Boy the combination of these three together is amazing. My account is significantly up. All the folks at Platinum have been wonderful. The trader I work with is great and MFGlobal has been super. I look forward a rewarding and lasting relationship for many years. A big thank you to the great folks at Platinum Trading Solutions!!.”

    A. L.
    April 2, 2009

    My accounts have been trading your systems since May 2007 with $70K starting captial. For less than 22 months, my account has grown to $220K with very conservative capital allocation trading Gemini, XS-Platinum ER2 and PCSP systems.

    I just want to drop you a note to thank you and the staff for all the helps and personal attention you have given to me. And the trading systems offered are second to none. PCSP system is the perfect complement to the day trading systems. With the PCSP and day trading systems combined, my account has been grow steadily triple-digit consistently year-after year with very reasonable drawdown. Amazing!

    The best practice, which I am very impressed and appreciated, is that the gross profit my account received from the day trading systems has been actually consistently exceed the hypothetical return posted on your website. For example, my Gemini monthly return is average about 2% higher than the one posted at your website

    These past two years, all my equity and mutual fund accounts have been suffered significant loss due to the ongoing bear market, but fortunately my two accounts trading your systems have been performed super well. It is more than enough to erase the loss from all other accounts.

    I’m in for the long haul as I can see Platinum Trading Solutions trading strategies will play a major part of my retirement funding. It takes almost no time to manage, it produces consistent returns, it is very scalable. Thank you for making these amazing systems available to me that is definitely going to give me a very special and great early retirement.

    I can’t speak highly enough of the continual support, advice, friendliness and integrity of the whole Platinum Trading Solutions business. The systems are simply the best among the automated trading systems available in the market place. Thanks to Platinum Trading Solutions for offering these brilliant products and services.

    Ms. Lin,
    Detroit, MI, USA
    March, 2009

    Thanks for inviting me into the program….I’ll be in touch tomorrow for more information. . It did take me a year to decide to invest and I have had my ups and downs as this is new to me, but I have no regrets……….I have done better than I have with the balance of my retirement funds! I look forward to exploring the Gemini program as well.
    Catherine B
    Dana Point, CA
    Feb, 2008

    I have been with Platinum Trading Solution for about three years trading their Spread program and my account has gained over 300% during this period. As our stock investments and 401K have lost value, our Spread account has continued to make incredible returns. My husband and I are more than happy with the returns in our account. We have referred families and friends to the program and they are also thrill with the returns in their accounts.
    Walnut, California
    Jan, 2008

    I am a conservative investor, retired, in my late 50s, with no intention of returning to work. Thus, I tend to invest for preservation of capital, income, and conservative growth. When I first was contacted by your company I was skeptical of the promised returns listed on your web site, but, after several discussions with your staff and the developer of your trading software I felt comfortable enough to invest a small amount of my savings with you to see what would happen. I expected to give it a year to observe if my actual return would correlate to your advertised return, net of commissions and fees.

    I have been overwhelmed by the growth in my initial investment. During the 19 months I have been with your company I have reinvested my profits several times into more diversified spread programs with you, and my net return is now over 250%!

    Despite the market volatility and uncertainty in today’s financial climate, your organization’s performance is real – as advertised – and has far exceeded any expectations I had. I do not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and colleagues, and to anyone with some risk capital to invest. Moreover, I appreciate the customer service, especially the monthly calls from your trader to insure I am comfortable with the systems, their performance, and to see if I have any questions.

    Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial to your company; you have earned it – and more.

    Mr. Kleyman
    Palm Harbor, Fl
    Nov, 2007

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