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    Dear Developers,

    Welcome to Platinum Trading Solutions.

    Do you have a fully developed Trading System, with back tested and actual results? Is it a Success? Congratulations!!! Do you know how to market your success and make money?

    I know it is a silly and leading question, but would you like to have people paying you a monthly fee to have your system trade for them? If you do, we can help. We can get you started. We can get you put on a white-label and exposed to the world of people seeking out a great trading system for their portfolio. We can have your system set up with the IB and Clearing houses and trading out of multiple clients accounts while you collect a monthly due, per contract traded, per person! We have been around for some time and we can probably help you out! Yes we know how because we bring people to these systems to trade ourselves. We are directly connected and in the middle of it all, and we can Market your System for you!

    If you want to put your system out there and make some money, just let us know!

    Thank you!

    Dino Demas CEO/CFO & Owner


    Opportunity at Platinum Trading Solutions For System Developers 

    For more information please fill out the form below, and provide any and all information via back tested and “Actual Results”, and any detailed information about your System or Systems via PDF, EXCEL, WORD for Review. Please just add the files below. Understand to Qualify, you must have at least 1 year of “Actual Results” via actual broker statements with a full track record of trades. Once your information is received by us, you will receive an email within 24 to 48 business hours per your contacting us. The Review Process may take up to 7 to 10 business days. One of our Executives will contact you in this time. We look forward to being of service to you! Here is what we can do for you!

    • Platinum Trading Solutions can have your system set up with the IB’s and Clearing houses and trading out of multiple clients accounts while you collect a monthly dues, per contract traded, per person!
    • Platinum Trading Solutions has access to follow trading code, newsletters or e-mail signals. Alternatively, we can set you up on a “follow the leader” solution where you place trading into the platform.
    • Platinum Trading Solutions has no co-ownership ties to developers.
    • Developers are automatically paid the vendor fee on a monthly basis.
    • System Developers determine their own lease fees rate, which are calculated based on the number of contracts traded on each signal. If someone is trading one contract on each signal he pays the stated lease fee. If the client trades two contracts on each signal it is twice the lease fee, so on and so forth.
    • Systems are being executed at the following clearing firms: Dorman, AMP, Straits, RJO, RCG, Wedbush, High Ridge, ADM, Phillip USA, FC Stone, Iron Beam, Gain Capital, Advantage Futures, Trade Station, and Interactive Brokers.
    • System Developer can be anonymous (you need not disclose your name, image or background) it’s completely up to you.
    • Getting started is easy – we can create you a landing page at the IB. We can begin tracking results within a single business day.
    • Signals / methods are not passed onto subscribers, the integrity of the trading systems are wholly protected. This protects the developer from subscribers subscribing to one contract and trading multiple contracts.
    • Platinum Trading Solutions reports “Actual Results” ONLY (commissions/fees included) which has allowed us to be connected to the “white label network” with over three dozen brokerage firms.


      For more information Call 866 750 9030 or 208 214 7147 fill out this form!