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Managed Future Explained

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Automated Trading & Managed Futures

  •  The Futures Market has grown 342 % since 2000.
  • Commodities are on the rise with reason of supply and demand.
  •  The Futures Market goes up when the stock market goes down.
  • The Futures Market has greater growth than the Stock Market in the last 20 years.
  • Company Stocks value are going down due to obvious economic times.
  • Automated trading Systems and (HFT) are Now trading over 73% of “ALL Markets” since 2012.
  • That means only a little more than “20% of physical trading” left in the world, also meaning you are trading against Super Power Trading Computers, and that’s who is making the profits in these uncertain Times!
  • “As quoted on CBS NEWS 60 Minutes TOP STORY OF THE YEAR”
  •  Automated Trading & High Frequency Trading is in fact talked about on the NEWS quite frequently!
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