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    Software Highlights


    The Depth of market tool allows you apply complex trading strategies (OCO, GTC, FOK, IOC STP LIMIT, Trailing Stops, Brackets), launch associated contract charts and customize the display to meet your trading style.

    depth of market

    1. Contract: Displays the current contract launched.
    2. Toolbar: The toolbar gives you quick access to setup and configuration options as well as advanced order features.
    3. Trade Quantity: The Qty section of the DOM Order Ticket displays the traders default quantity selected in the Order Defaults section of the software and allows the trader to adjust quantity settings during trading.
    4. Open Positions: Displays the current position for the DOM.
    5. Cancel Buttons: Gives the ability to cancel all working bids, working offers, or all working orders with a single click.
    6. Working Orders: Displays your working Buy Limit and Buy Stop Orders.
    7. Size of Last Trade: Displays the size of the last trade.
    8. Depth of Market (Bid): The number of buy limit orders placed at each price.
    9. Scroll Down: Gives the ability to scroll down the price ladder viewing below market prices
    10. Buy Market: Creates a buy market order with a single click.
    11. Account Number(s): This area allows the trader to select the account they would like to trade into.
    12. Total/Open P/L: Displays the total or open p/l for the selected contract.
    13. Reverse (& Cxl): Reverses the current position (and cancels all working orders) with a single click.
    14. Exit at Market (& Cxl): Creates an order to exit all open orders at the market (and cancels all working orders) for the current contract in DOM.
    15. Scroll Up: Gives the ability to scroll up the price ladder viewing above market prices.
    16. Depth of Market (Offer): The number of sell limit orders placed at each price.
    17. Ask Price: The lowest price at which any investor/dealer is willing to sell a given commodity at a given time. This price is displayed in red.
    18. Last Price: Last price at which the selected contract was traded. This price is displayed in bold.
    19. Bid Price: The highest price any buyer is willing to pay for a given commodity at a given time. This price is displayed in green.
    20. Working Orders: Displays your working Sell Limit and Sell Stop Orders.
    21. Auto sum Bid/Ask: Sums the total number of bids and offers.
    22. Sell Market: Creates a sell market order.

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