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    Crude Oil Opportunity



    Platinum Trading Solutions “CRUDE OIL DREAM OPPORTUNITY” SOLD OUT


    A $25,000 account size made $69,334.56 NET trading with money since March 14, 2018, trading only 1 contract! 2 contracts with a 50k account size made $138,669.12, 3 contracts with a 75k account size made $208,003.68, NET PROFIT RETURN!

    Crude oil has been listed as one of the most exclusively traded merchandise worldwide. It is commonly referred to as ‘the mother of all commodities’ and ‘black gold’ extracted from Middle Eastern countries as complete raw material. From making cosmetics to cars, plastics to petroleum, pharmaceuticals to fabrics, crude oil is used to manufacture almost everything.

    It can be a risky move in oil trading within the oil markets because of the inclined volatility throughout these years. Where the trading business is at its peak and changing constantly, so is the price of oil. However, knowing that crude is liquid merchandise, it can easily be traded in large volumes and increase a relatively tight spread on average 3.0 points.

    These results are based on 1 contract, with a starting balance of $25,000. Monthly subscription $100 and commission $30/RT along with all fees are included in the profit/loss calculation. Results shown are Executed through Licensed and Registered Broker’s, (IB’s & FCM’s)!

    Statistical Summary

    Commodex Crude Oil Tracked Since: March 14, 2018
    Profit/Loss Total: $69,334.56
    Avg Annual Profit/Loss: $17,333.64
    Total # of Trades: 106
    Winning # of Trades: 41
    Average Winning: $3,994.15
    Average Losing: ($1,360.62

    Actual Trades Data

    Life of System

    Traded Since Profits Losses Wins Losses Trades Net Points Profit/Loss
    March 14, 2018 $163,760.00 ($88,440.00) 41 106 78.50 $69,334.56

    Yearly Results

    Profits Losses Wins Losses Trades Net Points Profit/Loss
    2018 Results: $33,477.60 ($16,852.88) 10 12 22 17.51 $15,624.72
    2019 Results: $14,508.56 ($25,954.80) 6 20 26 (10.40) ($12,646.24)
    2020 Results: $49,137.60 ($21,934.56) 10 19 29 28.37 $26,003.04
    2021 Results: $41,077.12 ($13,852.64) 12 11 23 28.15 $26,024.48
    2022 Results: $25,139.28 ($10,510.72) 3 3 6 14.87 $14,328.56



    • If you understand how profitable Oil, and oil futures trading can be with top Risk Management, if you are an OIL INVESTOR, and or if you just find that you would be happy with these type of returns with something that requires none of your time to trade, contact us now before this system is gone!
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    • To “Qualify”, you will need to have at least $31,000.00 or more to invest with right away!
    • Cash and or IRA’s Accounts Welcome. 
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    FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL 866-750-9030 or 208 214 7147 or fill out one of our “Contact Forms”




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