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System Description

Market Sector:  Stock Indexes
Markets Traded: TY, NQ, ES
System Type:  Swing Trading
Risk per Trade:  varies
Trading Rules:  Not Disclosed
Suggested Capital:  $31,500
Developer Fee per contract:  $199.00 Monthly Subscription
System Description:
The Vista WFO portfolios are carefully constructed combinations of the five Trading systems and the markets they trade, easily and economically allowing the investor to diversify across trading strategies, time-frames, and futures markets. By extending risk over several equity streams with low correlations, diversification works to smooth the equity curve and lessen drawdowns. This helps to reduce the capital necessary to trade a portfolio, with the objective of increasing the return on account. At a reduced lease rate over trading the systems separately, Vista VIII combines all eight Trading systems and three markets: Sentinel WFO NQ day trade, AXIOM II WFO NQ swing trade, Duet WFO TY swing trade, Metrica II WFO ES swing trade, Metrica II WFO TY swing trade, Duet II WFO ES swing trade, Delphi II WFO ES day trade, and Sentinel WFO ES day trade.
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