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Quantopolis Micro E-mini Portfolio TRADING SYSTEM

System Description

Market Sector:  Stock Indexes
Markets Traded: M2K, MES, MNQ 
 System Type:  Swing Trading
Risk per Trade:  varies
Trading Rules:  Not Disclosed
Suggested Capital:  $9,999
Developer Fee per contract:  $60.00 Monthly Subscription
System Description:
This portfolio combines the Quantopolis ES Pullback Micro, the Quantopolis TF Pullback Micro and Quantopolis NQ Pullback II Micro strategies into one portfolio. It uses a fully automated system that trades pull-backs in the S&P 500 Micro Futures, the Russell 2000 Micro Futures and the Nasdaq 100 Micro Futures and generates around 59 trades per year. The system uses different parameters for each index to implement a scaling in approach whenever possible. The system has been back tested over 16+ years of data in both bull and bear markets, and in both low and high volatility environments. Developer trades this system in his own portfolio. For more information about this system and to contact the developer please visit the developer website at quantopolis.com.
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