Huron NQ


System Description

Market Sector:  Stock Indexes
Markets Traded: NQ
System Type:  Swing Trading
Risk per Trade:  varies
Trading Rules:  Not Disclosed
Suggested Capital:  $20,000
Developer Fee per contract:  $99.00 Monthly Subscription
System Description:
Huron is powerfull and very robust swing trading system which trades mainly US indicies. It also works on several other markets. It generates stable returns in long term with minimal drawdowns. Huron was developped in early 2018 and successfully passed extensive and rigorous stress and robustness testing and prooved strong robustness and ability to adapt and generate profits on changing markets. It was developed by professional money manager with more than 10 years trading experience. In development process he combine strengths and best practices from different concepts: „idea first“ and machine learning. Together with combination of experience in discretionary trading and ATS portfolio management with math background creates unbeatable synergy.
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