System Description

Market Sector:  Stock Indexes
Markets Traded: ES
System Type:  Day Trading
Risk per Trade:  Varies, but $1,850 stop is often used
Trading Rules:  Partially Disclosed
Suggested Capital:  $12,000
Developer Fee per contract:  $45.00 Monthly Subscription
System Description:
This S&P500 e-mini day trading system was made on multi time frame data from January 1 2000 to October 31 2007 and on March 24 2018. From the developer, “Settings have not been re-optimized on data after October 2007. It was built as a proof of concept to make a system that was robust over 3 time frames. It took its first live trade on March 26 2018. Due to the confidents in this system, trading live with money started immediately.
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