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    AXIOM is a mechanical, trend-following, swing system that is recommended for the emini Russell, emini S&P, and emini NASDAQ. It employs a unique entry mechanism that utilizes a proprietary channel built upon the confluence and mutual confirmation of a number of trend cycles. AXIOM II WFO incorporates a walk-forward optimization protocol where re-optimization is done once a year, and the resulting best values are used to trade for the next year. The greatest strength of WFO is that it allows the reporting of years of out-of-sample, unoptimized results, which may be almost as valuable in evaluating a system’s performance as an actual trading record. Seeing an out-of-sample history helps to verify the validity and robustness of a system much more powerfully than a traditional backtest optimization report, because the results are generated by applying the system rules and parameters to new data that’s forward in time. The WFO version of AXIOM II uses the original AXIOM logic introduced in April, 2004, and no change has been made in the proprietary channel logic since release. The system uses a protective stop, profit lock stop, and profit objective exit. Because it is a swing trading system with an average holding period of about three days, AXIOM is designed to capture medium-length trends not available to day trading systems.

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