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    Alpha Russell Tiger TRADING SYSTEM


    System Description

    Market Sector:  Stock Indexes
    Markets Traded: RTY,
    System Type:  Day Trading
    Risk per Trade:  varies, max. stop loss $1,400
    Trading Rules:  Not Disclosed
    Suggested Capital:  $9,000
    Developer Fee per contract:  $109.00 Monthly Subscription
    System Description:
    Alpha-Russel-Tiger is a strong day-trading system which can go long or short depending on market conditions. If the correct set-up is reached it enters the market at a predetermined break-out level. This strategy can trade one or two contracts and does 2 to 3 trades a week which stay in the market for only a few hours. The developer is an experienced trader who trades his systems also live for his own portfolio. After the development the strategies undergo various tests to ensure their robustness in different market conditions.

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