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System Description

Market Sector:  Diversified / Multiple
Markets Traded: M6E , MGC , MES , MNQ ,
System Type:  Swing Trading
Risk per Trade:  Varies
Trading Rules:  Not Disclosed
Suggested Capital:  $10,500
Developer Fee per contract:  $60.00 Monthly Subscription
System Description:
This is a portfolio of individual systems that trade micro futures contracts. These systems contains short, mid and longer term strategies that creates a unique opportunity for smaller investors to diversify into multiple systems, market sectors, and time frames. 2 systems swing trade Euro’s, 1 swing trades Gold, 1 holds trades overnight in the NQ, 2 day trading the S&P, and 1 swing trading the S&P. This system is a unique way to diversify in micro contracts. Commission lowered to $2 (from $3) 7/8/20.
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