Falcon RTY


System Description

Market Sector:  Stock Indexes
Markets Traded: RTY
System Type:  Day Trading
Risk per Trade:  varies
Trading Rules:  Not Disclosed
Suggested Capital:  $7,000
Developer Fee per contract:  $50.00 Monthly Subscription
System Description:
Falcon is intraday breakout trading system which trades E-mini Russell 2000. It was developed in early 2016 and from that time it proved capability of long-term functioning and bringing stable profits and adaptability to the changing conditions of the markets. Falcon also successfully passed rigorous in-depth stress and robustness testing based on behavioural, as well as various mathematical and statistical methods such as cluster walk forward analysis, stress testing, Monte Carlo simulation and many others. It proved working also on other e-mini indicies (ES, YM, NQ, EMD) and also some other markets includes also shares (e.g. AAPL, GOOG, …). These facts reflects its real edge and strong robustness.