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    Combo Breakout 2 TRADING SYSTEM


    System Description

    Market Sector:  Diversified Multiple
    Markets Traded: Multiple
    System Type:  Swing Trading
    Risk per Trade:  varies
    Trading Rules:  Not Disclosed
    Suggested Capital:  $50,000
    Developer Fee per contract:  $200.00 Monthly Subscription
    System Description:
    Portfolio Combo Breakout II consists of 5-6 DayTrade and swing strategies using different symbols, timeframes, and session templates. All strategies are developed by simple, structured, and proven breakout models based on strong fundamental logics. All strategies are fully robustness tested as well as stress tested with no position sizing, more contracts can be traded. The 5-6 strategies have very low correlations (Less than 0.1) in order to achieve smoother portfolio equity curve. Combo Breakout II is specially designed to trade with Combo Breakout I and Combo Breakout III for their low correlations in the portfolio level.