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Combo Breakout 1 TRADING SYSTEM

System Description
Market Sector:  Diversified / Multiple
Markets Traded: S , HO , JY , GC , NQ , ES ,
System Type:  Swing Trading
Risk per Trade:  varies
Trading Rules:  Partially Disclosed
Suggested Capital:  $50,000
Developer Fee per contract:  $200.00 Monthly Subscription
System Description:
Portfolio Combo Breakout I consists of 6 daytrade and swing strategies using different symbols, timeframes, and session templates. All 6 strategies are developed by simple, structured, and proven breakout models based on strong fundamental logics. All 6 strategies are fully robustness tested as well as stress tested with no position sizing, more contracts can be traded. The 6 strategies have very low correlations in order to achieve smoother portfolio equity curve. Combo Breakout I is specially designed to trade with Combo Breakout II and Combo Breakout III for their low correlations in the portfolio level.
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