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    PTS-PS 300k Series V

    PTS-PS 300k – The Platinum Trading Portfolio Series of portfolios programs combines multiple trading systems that trade across the S&P E-Mini index, Nasdaq E-Mini index, Russell E-Mini index, Energies, Grains, Metals, Meats, and Soft’s. The portfolio uses a combination of systems that range, countertrend, spreads, and breakout strategies across various markets. By diversifying across multiple systems, the program has a low negative correlation to both equity indices as well as other popular alternative investments. These portfolios combine multiple trading programs on several different stock index contracts. To increase investor diversification, the portfolios incorporate trading systems with different trading characteristics. These strategies include trend following, countertrend, breakout, and hybrid methodologies. The desired overall effect of blending multiple strategies over several effect of blending multiple strategies over several markets is to create a smoother yield for the investor over time.

    To Qualify you will need to have at least $300,000 to invest with right away.

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