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    Introducing Firetip X

    Ironbeam futures trade brokers


    Platinum Trading Solutions is a Registered CTA providing cutting edge technology, support, and clearing services to investors and traders in the USA, Canada and even worldwide. We are dedicated to giving exceptional service and dispensing customers with the foremost trade support, our expert personnel, and broad market coverage that enables traders to trade, while we handle the rest.



    • Professional-grade charting, analytics, and order entry; accessible to all account types.
    • Ultra-low latency, unfiltered market data.
    • Broad market coverage; Firetip X provides market data on more than 600,000 instruments.
    • Access XAPI directly through the front-end trading platform. Low-latency order execution is just the beginning.
    • Use XAPI to access market data, order flow, account/positions detail, SPAN requirements, and many other forms of data.
    • Built-in broker admin tools for Introducing Brokers. Manage your customers positions & risk right on the front end.


    • Firetip X is completely formula based. Create custom formulas and apply them to a chart (as an indicator), quote board, depth of market, or order entry.
    • Xapiscript empowers you to make custom order types, sift through large amounts of market data, and analyze markets like never before.
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use formula builder makes creating and deploying custom indicators easier than ever before.


    • Create in the cloud. Save your workspace on your desktop and use the same exact workspace on your mobile device or tablet.
    • The days of having less functionality and features on your mobile device are over. The mobile app has all of the same tools as the web or desktop.
    • Native Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS applications.
    You will have 14 Days to have fun with FIRETIP X. There is a 1.00 non refundable charge for Authentication. After your Authentication you will be contacted by phone from one of our representatives the very next business day. In this call you will be provided with your free download for the FIRETIP Software, with easy to use Video Instructions. We will also provide you with a Broker who will help you open your own self directed  account so you can use your FIRETIP X Software! It’s Easy! TRULY 14 Days Free with everything provided and done for you! We know you will love it! If you do and you wish to continue, Do Nothing, and you will be charged only 49.95 a month for continued access to FIRETIP X! It is that Simple!  TRY YOUR FIRETIP X “NOW” and Enjoy! 

      For more information Call 866 750 9030 or 208 214 7147 or fill out this form!

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